Custom Closets

Is your closet filled to the max with stuff piled on top of each other making it a task to find what you are going to wear everyday? If so, we can help. The old fashion shelf and closet rod organization is just simply not enough for many people. We can custom build organization units for all size closets from little single door to large walk in closets. Never have to dig through your closet again, have everything in its own spot organized with draws, shelving, racks, double rods, etc. We can customize your closet to meet your exact needs or wants in most cases. If you have tons of shoes, we can build a lot of cubbies or racks to hold them. If you have a lot of hanging cloths that you do not want wrinkled, we can build plenty rods doubled up to hold all them. We can also either leave them open to view or hide them behind doors like an armoire or even put them behind doors with glass so that you get the best of both, being able view them easily and protect them at the same time. So, no matter if you have tiny closets like me, or huge walk in closets, we can help you get all your stuff neatly organized by building you a closet system that meets or exceeds your particular needs.

Lets take a look at what we can do to those small single closets to give you more room. These are the most common closets that we customize, and for good reasons. They are the ones that need it the most because they simply just don’t have enough room in them and without some kind of organization system, they are pretty much useless. Unless, you are just going to use it as a storage closet and stack boxes on top of boxes and rarely have to get anything out of them. Other than that,  these closets will simply be a mess and picking out what you are going to wear for the day will be a task in itself leaving you with a headache. All your cloths will be jammed together on one closet rod getting all wrinkled causing you to have to iron then before wearing them. All your shoes will be on top of each other getting all scuffed up. However, don’t worry about it, we can help. We can custom build you an organization system with double closet rods, giving you double the hanging space and keeping them from being smashed together and wrinkled. We can also build you some cubby style shelving to keep all of your shoes and accessories in. Never have to dig through your things to find what you are looking for again. Take a look at some of the examples below:

IMG_2787 IMG_2782 IMG_2800

This is the most common system we build in the smaller closets because it offers the most storage. If you look at it you will get 4 rods to hang your cloths, plenty shelving or draws for shoes and underwear, and a large top shelf along with two smaller shelves for your folded clothes and accessories.

IMG_2788 IMG_2801

If you have a lot of dresses or longer garments, we can build a system like one of the above. These will give you a set of double rods for shirts and one single rod so that you can hang longer pieces. If you look at the picture to the right, this set up will give you two rods to hang shirts and shorter garments, one single rod to hang dresses and pants(this one you have to look hard for because it is kind of hind den in the pic, but its to the left as soon as you go in the closet), plenty cubbies for shoes and accessories, two nice size shelves above the double rods, and one longer shelf to the far back of the closet.

IMG_2773 IMG_2794


Now, if you have nothing but smaller cloths, like baby cloths, we can build you a system with triple rods like the photo above on the left. Or if you don’t need all that much space for hanging cloths, we can build you more cubby holes, draws, and shelves like the one above to the left.

Next, lets take a look at another type of system  we can build for you, the “open closet.” We call these “open closets” because like it sounds, they are wide open and do not have doors. Here we simply build an organization system along one of the walls in the room. These are perfect for those rooms that did not come with a closet at all. Take for example, if you have to turn your dining room into a bedroom to accommodate a new child or family member. They are also really nice to have in your laundry room if you in need more storage. Actually, these can go good in just about any room in the house to display items, keep books and files in for an office, or around your television for movies and decor. Take a look at the examples below:

IMG_2781 IMG_2797

IMG_2804 IMG_2803


As you can tell, open closets can be built to suit pretty much any room of the house.

The last type of custom closets we are going to take a look at is  large walk in closets. These are the best for building your own personalized closet space and give you the ability to pretty much do anything with them. We can build any type of organization units in these such as cabinets and draws for personal items that you don’t want in plain sight, shelving systems for the 300 pairs of shoes you have, rods to hang all the cloths you don’t want wrinkled, tie racks, mirrors, vanities, etc. Take   at the pictures below and visualize how nice it would be to have all you cloths and shoes set up all neat and organized in one of these spectacular  walk in closets. We can build these in any size, shape, or color to match your particular taste. Once you get one of these you won’t be able to stay out of your closet.

IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2777 IMG_2802  San Francisco Custom Closet IMG_2778 IMG_2819 IMG_2818

IMG_2805IMG_2817IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2814 IMG_2813 IMG_2812 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA IMG_2783

So, if you have one of those closets that are just a mess because you have more cloths and shoes than room, just give us a call. We can customize it any way you would like and get it all organized for you so that picking out an outfit to go out an eat will not be a task in itself. Rather a pleasant viewing of all your cloths so that you can easily grab that perfect outfit, without all the digging and headaches. We also so simple shelving and closet rods if thats all you need. Whatever it is that you want, we can build it. Just let us know and we will come sit down and customize a system for you, whether it be a prefabbed system or a custom hand built one!

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